the virtual rabbit requires quicktime vr
you can zoom in (option-key) and out (control-key) & move about by hold and drag the mouse

The Visible Rabbit Project

This rabbit is of an average representative height and weight and is free from organ
abnomalities and mutant tissues. We will call it 'Sunrise Rose'. 'SR' was obtained
after its execution (via lethal injection of the Calessi virus) from the Cowra Rabbit detention centre
were it was held for crimes against the state. After 4 weeks of pertrification, 'SR' was sliced
into 8 sections of approximately 15-22mm depth, scanned at 100dpi in 24-bit colour
and saved as 8-bit gif files for furthur study via the internet WWW. The Virtual Visible rabbit
(SR) now exisits both as sliced cross sections and as a fly-around using the latest Apple
Quicktime VR technology.

c o n t i n u e

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